Physical Education

PE curriculum

In the teaching of Physical Education, each class teacher aims to cover five or six of the six strands of the PE Curriculum from Athletics, Aquatics, Dance, Gymnastics, Games, and Outdoor and Adventure. However, each year we prioritise one particular PE strand for further developement and aim to improve the quality of the teaching and learning within this strand. The strand we have decided to prioritise for the year 2019-2020 is Athletics. The PSSI PE lesson plans (junior Infants to Sixth Class) for Athletics and other supplementary booklets/activities have been uploaded to the school server for teachers to access. The school has purchased equipment in order to facilitate the teaching of the Athletics strand. This equipment includes agility hurdles, primary discus, primary shot and measuring tapes. 

PE homework

All classes receive PE homework on the day they do PE in school. PE homework ideas have been uploaded to the school server for teachers to use, or teachers can come up with their own ideas for PE homework.

Fundamental Movement Skills

All the teachers and children in Scoil Bhríde are busy working on their physical literacy or the Fundamental Movement Skills.

‘Research shows that being physically active later in life depends on feeling confident in an activity setting; and that confidence, as an adult, most often comes from having learned a range of specific movement skills as a child. Physical literacy gives pupils the tools they need to take part in physical activity and sport, both for healthy life-long enjoyment and for sporting success.’

The attached PDF outlines which class is focusing on which two Fundamental Movement Skills this year. 

  Fundamental Movement Skills for each class

Posters outlining the teaching steps pertaining to each Fundamental Movement Skill are displayed in our PE hall and copies of the Move Well, Move Often series of books have been made available to staff members. 

We are also using peer teaching to help the children learn and pass on their knowledge of the Fundamental Movement Skills. Pupils from the senior classes had a series of PE lessons where certain skills were focused on. They then taught these skills to pupils from the junior classes in a similar way. Not only did this prove to be a great learning experience for all pupils, but it was also good fun!


PE equipment

We took an inventory of our PE equipment at the start of this year. Our everyday equipment is stored in the PE equipment rooms off the PE hall, and our larger items are stored in the storage cabins outside. Over the years we have regularly added to our equipment and now we have lots of items that can be used across all the different strands. This year we purchased equipment to facilitate the teaching of the Athletics strand. We bought primary shot, primary discus, measuring tapes and hurdles. Our Active School Committee ensure that the PE equipment is stored tidily and well maintained.