Scoil Bhríde Mobile Phone Policy


As a staff we sincerely advocate that pupils would only bring a mobile phone to school

when absolutely necessary.

Parents are asked to use the school phone (021-4631593), if they wish to get a message

to a child in the school.

Mobile phones must be turned off in school.

A pupil who uses her phone during the school day (from 8.50 a.m.) or whose phone is

rung or used to send or receive a text message will have her  phone confiscated and will

not get it back until 2.45 p.m. (home time). It is the responsibility of the pupil to request

the phone from her teacher before going home.

Pupils are forbidden to take photographs with their mobile phone while at school, unless specifically asked to by a teacher as part of a school based project.

The school/ Board of Management is not responsible for any text sent or received during

the school day or if the phone is lost, damaged or stolen.

This policy will be reviewed annually.

 Sr. Maryjohn, Chairperson, Board of Management